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WE’RE PROUDLY PRESENT OUR SERVICES TO YOU. We are a food suppliers company offering top quality of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs, Legumes, Canned and Frozen food products, We also do Import and Export, Trading, Sourcing & Packing services around the world.


For Importers

If you are an Importer, Retailer or Commercial Agent looking for a reliable partner in Egypt, you are at the right place. We are specialists in this field and can consistently deliver top quality Egyptian products at competitive prices. Our range of products includes: Fresh fruits, Fresh vegetables, legumes, Frozen & Canned Food and other products.


For Exporters

If you're planning to export your products to the Egyptian market, we can be your Gate to pass your products to the Egyptian markets. Also we can help you to decrease your risk by making a Feasibility study for your products before you export it to the Egyptian markets to let you know the percentage of success in selling your products in Egypt.


Hotel & Resorts supplies

We realize that the hotel industry can be a challenging endeavor, but we make it manageable through our sound expertise, honest communication and unparalleled responsiveness. In every endeavor for every client, we work to build a committed relationship based on trust, reliability and accountability.


Egyptian Producers

If you are an Egyptian farmer or Producer and you want to export your products, we can be your gate to the outside markets. Please send us all details related to your products which you want to export it. Our responsibility to open a good market for your products worldwide & to guarantee for you the best payment terms.

Our Offices & Distribution Centers Worldwide

Please, don't hesitate to contact us, for any further information related to the products which you want to import it from Egypt or export it to the Egyptian market.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you as an interested consumer or an existing customer. We understand that good communication is essential to a strong partnership.