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Welcome to our website, Your gate to the import and export business and Egyptian markets! 

ElHafez is the voice of Egyptian fruits and vegetables exporters. Our entire business activities are aimed towards providing utmost satisfaction to the clients. Adopting ethical business practices, we have garnered a rich list of clients throughout the globe. 

Fresh Fruits
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Fresh Fruits

ElHafez company is the only name you need to know. We are a fresh produce wholesale distributor to many regions and countries. All of our fruits are fresh come with high quality.
Fresh Vegetables
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Fresh Vegetables

We make use of advanced technologies to keep our vegetables fresh. We have also devised packing methods to preserve the freshness of the products as long as possible.
Herbs & Legumes
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Herbs & Legumes

Quality, taste and benefits to health are the most important areas under which we trade our herbs & legumes products. We present a range of products that promise utmost effectiveness and complete safety.
Frozen & Canned Food
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Frozen & Canned Food

Enjoy browsing the Egyptian frozen foods, Our excellent deals represent quality and convenience at an affordable price, giving you great food within easy reach.

Our main target is to export the Egyptian products to worldwide

With Highest quality - Competitive price - Good packing - Fast shipping

Specializing in exporting high quality egyptian agriculture products

Our ranges of products are Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Herbs & Beans. We own farms for Orange, Pomegranate, Lemon, Mandarin, Peach, Strawberry & Other products located in Nubaria city, in the heart of agricultural sector of Egypt. Beside our farms there are Hundreds of farms around us which produce premium quality fresh fruits & vegetables, we support them by marketing of their products & exporting it to worldwide. We offer prompt processing of shipments and impeccable product safety by moving the produce directly from the farms to the client with the minimum of intermediate handling. Our commitment to your timetable and quality is our mission.

Selecting & Sorting: Our products are packed and sorted with High international standards of grading and quality control.

Inspection: Product is inspected more than once, first time upon received from farms then another time while packaging and finally at the port before shipping.

Our Market

elHafez have numerous customers all over the world represent an even more challenging segment apart from the local market. Therefore our company vision comes in place to fulfill customer requirement.

We supply our products to many customers in Egypt & Worldwide, and our target is to open new markets for our products in the following regions and countries:

  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Arab Countries
  • East Of Asia And Australia

Delivery Terms & Methods

It will mainly depend of the point of delivery how far away it is from Egypt, and what type of transportation do you prefer to use. However in general, we use these methods for delivery:

  • FOB: Free On Board (named port of shipment) We send the shipment to the port of departure and hand it over to the shipping company to be shipped to you. (price not including shipping & insurance cost)
  • C & F: Cost and freight (named port of destination) We send the shipment to the port of destination in your country, the price includes cost of the order + the fright cost (but insurance is mot included)
  • CIF – Cost: Insurance and freight (named port of destination) We send the shipment to the port of destination in your country; the price includes cost of the order + the fright cost + insurance cost)
We usually process orders on the next 3 working days or maximum of 1 week after receiving your purchase order and down payment.

How It Works? 
There are only 3 simple steps


After we receive the advance payment, we move immediately to the second step. (The Packing)


After we finish the packing process, we move immediately to the third step. (shipping)


We send the shipment to the port and hand it over to the shipping company to be shipped to you as soon as possible.

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